1. We offer you GIFs for free. We have unique GIFs made by our team. You can recognize them by barely noticeable USAGIF.com watermark in the lower right corner, and it looks like this: Copyright Policy - USAGIF.com. Also we have Royalty Free GIFs from open sources.
  2. You can use all these GIFs for free for non-commercial purposes. For example, in social media, in communication via Internet, in your report, in correspondence, blog and so on. YouTube is fine too. We would be grateful for posting a backlink to USAGIF.com if you found these GIFs useful.
  3. You may use GIFs commercially at your own risk. All rights for source videos, which GIFs are made of, are belong to their respective owners.
  4. You may not use our watermarked GIFs to create another collections of animated images for an another website or application. In this case, we will be forced to file a claim against that website or app.
  5. Hotlink: if you want to place a GIF on your website or app via direct link or hotlink, you can do that, but we kindly ask you to place a backlink to the page you got that GIF, or to usagif.com. But anyway, if your hotlink will use too much bandwidth of our network, we’ll have to block your domain for hotlinking. As an alternative, you can download the GIF and place it on your own server. Thanks for understanding.
  6. If you found a GIF that infringes your confirmed copyright, please email to us. We will try our best to resolve the issue.